About SoulPhoodie

soulPhoodie is a community that celebrates black food and beverage culture.

We are the go-to platform to highlight the stories and showcase the talent of brothers and sisters who are innovating in the world of food and beverage.

Our efforts speak the loudest to anyone who’s passionate about Black food and culture, and wants to give it the shine it deserves (melanin not required, but strongly encouraged).

We share timely, fun, and interesting content about all facets of Black foodways. The accomplishments of Black folks excelling in food and beverage are often overlooked in mainstream outlets, so we created a space exclusively for us.

Me? I have spent most of my career in the restaurant industry in a marketing capacity. Technically middle aged but actually immature. Passionate about my daughter, food and addicted to technology. Live in South Florida with frequent trips to SOCAL.

  • Favorite kitchen tools: Cast iron skillet, microplane & red wine
  • Trends I’m feeling: Restaurant delivery services and flavored sparkling water
  • Trends receiving side eye: Cauliflower rice and liquid nitrogen ice cream
  • Favorite New Recipes:  Cacio e Pepe and Shreveport Style Stuffed Shrimp (Shoutout to Freeman & Harris)
  • Closet Obsession: Shake ’n Bake Pork Chops
  • Favorite Flavor: Lime on Everything..fried fish, tater tots, yellow rice, in a Jupina…

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