Percy Miller also famously known as Master P is growing his brand by opening his new restaurant called Big Poppa Burgers in New Orleans.

In an interview with NOLA, Master P explained the burgers were inspired by his memories of his grandfather cooking on the grill. “It’s a family restaurant; that’s what it’s about,” he continues “As a kid, hamburgers were my favorite food. It was the way”


The No Limit CEO based his restaurant off his movie “I Got the Hook-Up 2,” released earlier this summer, but make no mistake, his restaurant is here to stay. The restaurant specializes in griddled-crisp burgers with Big Poppa Burger’s secret sauce that Master P said“could be as successful as and well known as McDonald’s ‘Mac Sauce.’”

The mom-and-pop-style restaurant located in the old Bertucci’s building, serves “a thick, hand-formed patty, with irregular crannies giving alternating texture. [The sauce] is a custom barbecue sauce – New Orleans style, thick, dark and sweet with a hint of hickory flavor,” according to NOLA’s Ian McNulty, who reviewed the restaurant.

Burgers are not the only thing Master P sells at Big Poppa Burgers — the specialty menu item Louisiana fried chicken and waffles — the salmon burger for fish eaters — and the plant-based veggie burger for vegans are all available for purchase to serve customer’s needs.

The profit from his business will be used to uplift education for youth in New Orleans. “It’s about helping those kids. I made it out of the ghetto, I was able to change my life and it’s all about education. I say knowledge is more important than money,” Master P. said.

Big Poppa Burgers is located at 3300 Fourth St., in Harvey, Louisiana.

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