Andre Rush, Army veteran and freelance chef for the White House, took the internet by storm in 2018 when his 24-inch arms went viral. Since then, he’s become a meme, and said “It’s hilarious. I get a kick out of them.”

If you are wondering whether chef Rush used any performance-enhancing drugs to achieve his results, he stressed that he has never used steroids. “If I had ever taken steroids, I would hate to see what kind of monster I would be right now.” Instead works out the old fashion way and emphasizes endurance training to get him in physical shape.

Before coming a chef, Rush was an Army Master Sergeant and a 23-year military veteran who is a trained chef both fine dining and pasty including chocolate and ice sculpting.

Rush would compete in culinary competitions while in the military to hone and skills and now, he’s cooking and promoting a healthy lifestyle through food.


In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Rush explained what drew him to cooking. “I loved the science, I loved the mathematical equations, I loved the simplicity and the difficulty,” Rush said. “In cooking, you can do something that’s going to be done in five minutes or you can do something that’s going to take you five days.” Cooking was also a way from Rush to transition into his life post-military.

Although chef Rush doesn’t work at the White House full-time, he has been a familiar face to the several Presidents as a freelance cook for big dinners and events since 1997 so he is no stranger to cooking for important clients as a seasoned chef.

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