Four brothers in Atlanta are baking and making money all with a simple cookie recipe.

What started as a convenient snack, turned into a serious business idea when the young entrepreneurs realized everyone loved their cookies.

“Everybody would say that our cookies are really good. So, we were just thinking we could make a living off of selling cookies,” Joshua said. From there, they told their father they wanted to start their own cookie business and the family brainstormed the name and logo.

For the last two years, the Billingslea brothers, Joshua, 11, Isaiah, 9, Caleb, 7 and Micah also known as the Yummy Brothers have built their cookie business — mixing, scooping, baking and selling their great-grandmother’s cookie recipe.

The Yummy Brothers has over 36 varieties of cookies for purchase such as butter finger chocolate chip, chocolate walnut cookies, lemon white chocolate, junk cookie, classic chocolate chip and more.

With school a priority, these four “brother-preneurs” only bake and sell their cookies on the weekend once their homework is completed.

“We don’t do it every day because we’re kids, and our parents don’t need to treat us like robots,” Isaiah said.

To date, the Yummy Brothers have sold over 400,000 cookies. They also sell an assortment of cakes and beverages.

Since the creation of their business, the Yummy Brothers started another business Kidpreneurexpo, so other kids can start businesses. Enlisting Kidpreneurexpo services, young brands can get support with e-commerce, web design, consulting and more. Check out the Yummy Brothers on Twitter and Instagram.


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