Two Prince George’s County sisters behind ‘The Furlough Cheesecake’ will debut their famous desserts in stores across the DMV in partnership with the retail giant, Walmart.

In an interview with WJLA 7, Howard could not contain her excitement. “We’re so very excited we’re able to share a little slice of smile,” said Howard. “Walmart! The Walmart! Our cheesecakes will be there in August!”

On Aug. 18, instead of the full-size cheesecake that’s available on their website, customers can expect to purchase three-inch cheesecakes for an individual serving. This business deal with Walmart joins a partnership that Howard and Wright have with Bethesda Blues and Jazz club.

Although the plan was that the sisters would return to their jobs after the shutdown ended, their plan never came true. Since January, Howard and Wright have been busy with their business. It all started when the pair developed a quick business plan and just five months later, they were able to quit their full-time jobs and dedicate their time to making cheesecakes. This was a no-brainer for Wright.

“Our mother said, ‘You know what, girl?’ You could sell these cheesecakes and ding ding ding ding went off in my mind,” Wright said in an interview with NBC Washington.


Howard and Wright’s business story went viral and shortly after and appeared on The Ellen Show, where DeGeneres paid for a single cheesecake order for $20,000. Then their business orders grew from a few 100 orders to thousands.

“Almost instantly, we had thousands of orders,” Wright told WJLA 7. “I was trying to think how we were going to make a hundred, and then we got requests for thousands.”

That appearance alone garnered so much attention that Howard and Wright started renting industrial kitchen space to keep up with their in-demand cheesecake orders.

“We need to make sure that we’re securing a future for ourselves and for our families and hopefully for others as well. So we’re going to keep going,” Howard said.

You can order either their original or sweet potato cheesecake here.


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