Chef Eric Adjepong has been busy since leaving as one of the most memorable Top Chef finalists. Adjepong’s demand is high in the culinary world, but for a long time the average person could not taste his food.

In a partnership with Territory Foods, Adjepong sold chicken jollof rice to D.C., Dallas-Fort Worth, San Francisco and Los Angeles for a limited time. The Ghanaian-inspired dish featured roasted chicken and jollof rice in a West African red sauce served with a side of sauteed kale and pickled tomatoes.

In an interview with Territory, Chef Adjepong said “If aliens came down to Earth and said take me to the number one dish from West Africa, 9 times out of 10 somebody’s going to make you jollof rice,” said Adjepong. “It’s a really great intro into the flavor profiles of West African food and what it’s all about.”


What made this partnership special was that the delivery service collaborated with independent chefs who were local to the delivery cities and emphasized healthy and delicious meals. The partnership came about because Adjepong has a history with the company that came from a few months of work doing quality assurance for dishes local chefs made in commercial kitchens.

According to Eater Washington DC, Adjepong did not cook the jollof rice himself, rather he collaborated with Territory to make tweaks to his recipe so that the local chefs he vetted could cook his meals correctly.

Although chef Adjepong’s chicken and jollof rice is no longer available, it does not mean that that is the end for Adjepong. His goal is to bring West African food to a new health-conscious audience. In the future, Adjepong plans to open his own restaurant and while there are no details on the potential restaurant, it may just be one that celebrates the best of West African cuisine.

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