The plant-based food trend that’s making its way to grocery stores, restaurants and homes across the U.S., is now coming to you in the form of a cheesesteak. Yes, you heard that right, a cheesesteak. 

Questlove, the Grammy-Award-winning musician and Philly native is bringing a new approach to the traditional dish, partnering with the California based company, Impossible Foods to bring a vegetarian version to interested consumers. 

The first plant-based “Questlove’s Cheesesteak™” debuted in June 2018 at the Roots Picnic festival. At the time, the cheesesteak was only available to a VIP section comprised of friends and family who according to Questlove, couldn’t believe it wasn’t real meat. He said “no one believed me when I told them the ‘meat’ was not beef, but plant-based. My team and I saw an opportunity to roll out the product on a much larger level.” 

Questlove’s Cheesesteak™ will be available to consumers starting March 28 at Citizens Bank Park — opening day for The Phillies. You can look forward to this cheesesteak being sold at all 81 home games and 40 Live Nation venues across the United States. While the cheesesteak itself is vegetarian, the cheese is not vegan or plant-based as confirmed by Pitchfork, so vegetarians and vegans take note. 

If you are wondering why Questlove is stepping into the food industry, this is not his first time (and probably not his last) partnering with food companies. He recently partnered with Williams Sonoma on a popcorn collection and he used to have a fried chicken restaurant in New York called Hybrid.

If you are interested in learning more about Questlove’s Cheesesteak™, checkout his Instagram post below. 

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Ok yall, this was a year in the making so keeping this a secret was SUPER DIFFICULT!! I’m launching Questlove’s Cheesesteak! As a non vegan/vegetarian i still fell in love with @impossiblefoods for several years and as a Philadelphian….well—-i gotta know #CheeseSteaks right? We developed (and perfected!) a recipe using Impossible™ plant-based meat that we hope will offer a delicious and sustainable alternative for all cheesesteak eaters. Even better news for sports fans who never have food catering to those who are vegan/vegetarian we are debuting this cheesesteak THIS Spring at Citizens Bank Park during ALL @Phillies home games AND CONCERTS at the ballpark and in 40 @livenation venues ACROSS THE COUNTRY, and more soon! #Philly #Nationwide #QuestlovesCheesesteak #QuestLovesFood #AmorosoRolls @questlovesfood

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