A Virtual Juneteenth Cookout for the Culture with Black Food Bloggers

A Virtual Juneteenth Cookout for the Culture with Black Food Bloggers

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There’s a global spotlight on systemic racism right now. It seems like every day a different company is making a statement or gesture to signal their intent to do better. And we’ve seen a flurry of activity and interest around recognizing Juneteenth, in particular. I wonder why? Meanwhile, Black people everywhere are balancing doing the work of pressing this movement forward with holding onto our joy and protecting our peace. So this year’s Juneteenth celebration should be the biggest one yet, even if it will be largely virtual. For this reason, nearly 70 Black food bloggers have come together to do it big in these internet streets with an online cookout!


In this roundup, you’ll find an eclectic mix of dishes from the African continent as well as the diaspora. And most of these recipes come with stories from our family and cultural experiences. Food Fidelity breaks down how to make Nigerian beef suya with expert tips and Dash of Jazz serves up cooking traditions passed down by her late grandmother alongside a golden pineapple pound cake.


In addition to the worldwide reach of our Blackness, I am struck by the creativity that we flex in the kitchen. Making a way out of none is just something our people have always done and you can expect to be impressed by the inventiveness of Cajun white beans made in an Instant Pot or the completely plant-based take of jackfruit Jamaican patties. There is truly something for everyone on this Juneteenth virtual cookout menu. Check out the full lineup below and show the Black creatives behind all this magic some love!

2020 Juneteenth Virtual Cookout Menu

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