The Black And Highly Flavored Podcast

soulPhoodies Tamara Celeste and Derek Kirk shine a light on the need-to-know Black movers and shakers of our food and beverage industry—from writers and historians, to small business owners and chef-activists.


Derek Kirk, Founder & Tamara Celeste Co-Founder

Derek, the introvert, has a passion for food and the culinary arts, oh and wine, we can’t forget about the wine!  Derek enjoys learning about and sharing the stories of black owned businesses and founded soulPhoodie as an extension of his passion.
Tamara has always been known in her circle as the social butterfly,  she has never met a stranger, but always meets new friends.  She loves talking to people and hearing their stories. Tam's  favorite meal is brunch, not just for the food, but for the mimosa’s and the time getting together with friends.