And Another One….DJ Khaled Drops Cheetos-Crusted Crunchwraps Nationally in Partnership with Black-Owned Man vs. Fries

And Another One….DJ Khaled Drops Cheetos-Crusted Crunchwraps Nationally in Partnership with Black-Owned Man vs. Fries

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DJ Khaled is on a roll. First, he was named the official spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Now, he's partnering with Cheetos to release a new line of Cheetos-crusted crunchwraps. That's right, and you can now get your hands on a DJ Khaled-approved crunchwrap coated in Cheetos dust. 

As the mastermind behind the popular delivery-only restaurant Another Wing, DJ Khaled is no stranger to partnering with other businesses. His latest venture is a partnership with Man vs. Fries, an app-specific restaurant known for its chicken and cheese waffle fries. These two businesses have teamed up before; they previously collaborated. 

Khaled Krunch will launch in Chicago, Baltimore, Miami, Los Angeles, Nashville, Portland and Phoenix on Friday, November 11. Whereas the launch in Austin, Atlanta, Detroit, Denver, Philadelphia, the Twin Cities, San Antonio, San Diego, and Seattle will debut on Friday, December 18. The main reason for the delay is supply chain problems. 

As the third-party delivery market in Chicago continues to grow, many local restaurants are disadvantaged. Ghost kitchens, typically affiliated with large national chains, have been able to capitalize on the delivery boom by partnering with third-party providers like Grubhub and DoorDash. This has allowed them to reach a larger customer base and generate more sales.

Bill Bonhorst is the founder of Man vs. Fries, a ghost kitchen that delivers restaurant-quality meals to people's homes. Bonhorst says his goal is to help keep local restaurants in business during these difficult times. "We want to make sure that people can still enjoy their favorite dishes from their favorite restaurants," Bonhorst said. "And we want to help those restaurants stay in business," Bonhorst says that Man vs. Fries is currently delivering meals from about two dozen restaurants in the New York City area. 

When Bonhorst started his restaurant, he had no third-party delivery partners. Then he partnered with REEF, which helped him connect with third-party delivery companies. Bonhorst says he has a whole new way to market his restaurant and reach potential customers. "Partnering with REEF has allowed us to tap into a whole new customer base," Bonhorst says. "We're now able to reach people who might not have otherwise known about our restaurant."

Bonhorst further adds that partnering with REEF has also helped him save money on marketing and advertising costs. "It's a great way to get your name out there without having to spend a lot of money," he says.

Man vs. Fries is expanding its product line to include a vegan option. Bonhorst, the company's founder, says he's spent the last year perfecting the recipe. The new product will be available in stores nationwide starting next month. Bonhorst says the expansion is a natural fit for the company, which has always been committed to using only the highest quality ingredients. He says he's confident that vegans will love the new fries just as much as meat-eaters have loved the original.

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