Black and Mobile Delivers the Culture As Philly’s First Black Restaurant Delivery Service

Black and Mobile Delivers the Culture As Philly’s First Black Restaurant Delivery Service

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by James Swift

Meet Aaron and David Cabello, Nigeria-born, Philly-based twins who started the Black-owned and operated delivery service, Black and Mobile.

These two kicked off their business after noticing a lack of Black delivery services in Philadelphia, a city with a Black majority population of over 40-percent. It only seemed reasonable to start a delivery service that connects Black restaurants and eateries to their customers but there’s a lot more to these twin businessmen.

How Black and Mobile Started

The Cabello brothers’ service started like so many others that catch on: observation. Sometimes you don’t even notice a need for something until you notice something is off or that something could be made more convenient. While there are a number of food delivery services available nationally and locally but there are times when there is a need for a service, a restaurant, or some innovation that centers on a particular area. This was what Aaron and David Cabello picked up on.

Already possessing business savvy and having dropped out of Shippensburg, David took on a new challenge in learning how to develop apps and build websites, an important part of any business in this day and age. Without that app, you might as well be using smoke signals to contact customers in 2019. This opened the door to delivering food which gave him a taste of what he could gain in a few days’ work. As expected, he sought to build on that.

However, this wasn’t Black and Mobile. This was the roots of it. Once he saw that Black restaurants could use a dedicated service for this and that it could create jobs in the community, he started putting the blocks together to form this service—which started in 2017 with just the twins delivering food.


The Future for Black and Mobile 

Expansion is always a major goal when starting any kind business whether it’s territorial or products and services offered. In Black and Mobile’s case, Aaron and David Cabello seek to establish roots in large cities such as Atlanta and New York. If other services and restaurants are any indication, it’s a sound strategy. The Cabellos are persistent as David pointed out to Philadelphia Magazine, one major roadblock was that there were Black restaurants who didn’t connect with their service after they reached out.

Right now, they are focused on building a concrete base in Philly and establishing the blueprint for expansion from operation to delivery to outreach.  Not bad for two businessmen who are only 24-years old!

If you are interested in finding out more about Black and Mobile and the Cabello brothers, check out their official site. Also check their Instagram and be on the look out for the app, coming soon.

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