Black Chefs Compete as Most “Seasoned” Top Chef

Black Chefs Compete as Most “Seasoned” Top Chef

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They say, “once you go black you never go back.”  

Bravo’s Top chef proves that this phrase is not always true because two of the show’s memorable black contestants are coming back to compete for the largest prize ever awarded to a top chef.  

Gregory Gourdet, a runner up on season 12 and Director of Culinary Operations at Departure restaurant in Portland, OR.  Gregory’s appearing in the show comes as he prepares to open his own restaurant, where you can be the culinary judge.  

Gregory cooks with a mindfulness of health and influenced by his Haitian heritage.  A Gregory Gourdet cookbook is scheduled for release in Spring 2021.  Gregory’s intense flavors could be in your kitchen very soon.  

Gregory’s innovative concoctions with bold flavors are expected to make a real stir on Top Chef’s season 17.  But Gregory will only be one of the show’s black all-stars.  

Our other black all-star was one of People’s Sexiest Chef

Eric Adjepong was a finalist in season 16, and will return with his rich African flavors.  Like Gregory, Eric is from New York, but he grew up with a Ghanaian background.  Eric currently lives in Washington D.C., where he is a caterer, public health and nutrition professional, and a personal chef.  

Washington D.C. will be the launching spot for a new pop-up series called “pinch and plate”, by Eric and his wife Janell.  Eric’s dishes are rooted in Ghanaian traditional cuisine; he believes in remaining true to who he is.  His new creations for “pinch and plate” are both authentically traditional, but exiting and new.  

Eric’s performance will stay true to his roots, while being attentive to the American preferences.  Eric and Gregory will join a cast of 13 other all-star chefs in LA, and hopefully, visit Italy, where the finals will be recorded.  Either way, season 17 of Top Chef will not be a show to miss.  We could have a black Top Chef.

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