Black-Owned Burger Vending Machine, Roboburger, Raised $10 Million

Black-Owned Burger Vending Machine, Roboburger, Raised $10 Million

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RoboBurger, the world's first robotic burger chef that is fully autonomous has announced recently that it is calling for funds in its Seed 2 round in partnership with Food Tech Ventures and Techstars. The new round of funding will be used to support RoboBurger's growth plans, which include expanding its team, building out its sales and marketing efforts, and continuing to innovate its technology. RoboBurger's technology is based on years of research and development in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. The company's goal is to make delicious burgers more accessible to everyone by automating the cooking process.

In Wilson's garage 17 years ago, the first RoboBurger was born. Since then, the company has grown and now supplies restaurants all over the world with their robotic burger machines. Wilson believes that there couldn't be a better time to bring RoboBurger to life and have everyone experience it. The fully automated machines can cook and assemble burgers at lightning speeds, without the need for human hands. In a world where fast food is often criticized for being unhealthy and unsafe, Wilson is confident that RoboBurger will change the game.

The brainchild of engineer and entrepreneur Wilson, RoboBurger can toast, grill, add condiments and assemble a fresh burger in about 4 minutes. That's faster than most fast food restaurants can do it. It uses infrared technology to cook the burgers evenly on both sides. The toaster cooks the buns and the condiments are dispensed automatically. The result is a fresh, hot burger that tastes just as good as if it were made by hand.

Audley Wilson, the CEO of RoboBurger Inc., said that the company has received an overwhelming amount of interest from around the world. "We've had people from all over contacting us about our grills and toasts," Wilson said. "It's been amazing to see the response." He further added, "We're really excited about the future of RoboBurger," he said. 

RoboBurger, a new burger chain, launched its first pop-up location in March 2022 in Newport Mall in Jersey City. The chain plans to open 100 locations across the country by the end of 2025. The chain’s burgers are made with Impossible Foods’ plant-based meat and topped with vegan cheese, pickles, onions, and secret sauce. RoboBurger’s goal is to serve delicious, affordable burgers that are better for the environment than traditional beef burgers. So far, RoboBurger has been a hit with customers. “I was really impressed with the taste and quality of the burger,” said one customer. “It’s definitely a healthier option than other fast food places.

Dan Braido, CTO of RoboBurger Inc., says that the feedback has been invaluable in helping them fine-tune their recipes and cooking times. We have also been able to use feedback to improve our customer service and make sure that everyone who comes to RoboBurger leaves happy. Braido says that the goal for RoboBurger is to provide a fast, delicious, and affordable meal for everyone who visits their restaurants.

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