Getting Cordial: A Craft Bartender Serving Up Premium Flavors for Cocktail Enthusiasts

Getting Cordial: A Craft Bartender Serving Up Premium Flavors for Cocktail Enthusiasts

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by Robin Mosley

If you’ve ever looked for the perfect ready-made mixer for your drinks, then look no further than the Nashville-based company Perfectly Cordial, owned by Rhonda Cammon, mixologist and owner of another prominent company, Barseat.

Perfectly Cordial is a premium craft mixer featuring fresh ingredients such as fresh squeezed juices, exotic spice blends and pure cane sugar.  The handmade small batch bottles deliver tropical flavors to your favorite drink of choice, including both cocktails (mojito, rum punch, or sangria anyone?), and mocktails using sparkling water or tonic.

The company’s premium flavors — Tropical Sour along with the Caramelized Pineapple and Coconut Water are both something to be desired.  Tropical Sour features a complex blend of citrus flavors including lemon, Meyer lemon, lime, lime leaf and lemongrass, infused with warm spices and cane sugar. Caramelized Pineapple and Coconut Water features caramelized pineapples, fresh pineapple juice, coconut water, lemon juice, exotic spices and cane sugar to achieve the perfect balance of flavor reminiscent to a Pina Colada. No matter your choice, you can’t go wrong with either of Perfectly Cordial’s quality products.

Cammon, the mastermind behind this Black woman led company, started her mixology consulting business Barseat in 2015, after being trained by top industry professionals. At Barseat with RSC, she has served as a resource for cocktail enthusiasts and home bartenders. The consulting company has grown into a business that supports special events, hosts cocktail labs and provide exclusive bartending experiences. With more than a decade of experience in the bartending business Cammon’s business is all about quality.

Cammon’s business offers services to interested customers who want consulting and classes on mobile bartending, Bourbon 101, cocktails, craft cocktail creation and more. Collaborating with companies such as “Diageo, Crown Royal, Minerva Cocktail Bar, Nashville Cocktail Festival, Codigo, Basement East, and the United States Bartending Guild,” Cammon’s business has become a leading Black-owned, Nashville-based company.




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Make sure to follow Rhonda Cammon’s social media pages for Perfectly Cordial on Instagram and Facebook for more updates about their services, their new product updates, how customers are using their mixers for memorable events and most of all to follow a booming business that caters to people interested in the finer things in bartending life. If you’re interested in the full experience of dedicated VIP bartending experiences, then head over to Barseat to book the company’s services.

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