Mya Releases Vegan Organic Fine Wine

Mya Releases Vegan Organic Fine Wine

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“Wine isn’t vegan?” will be your first question, “I thought it was made out of grapes, or peanuts or something?”   Apparently all wines are not vegan.  Sorry to those who base their vegan diet around wine.  

Wine goes through a process called fining.  Commonly used fining agents are not vegan, they are egg whiteS, a milk protein, or a fish bladder protein.  I might be reading the label on my next wine.  I don’t know how I feel about fish bladder protein.  

Fortunately, Mya steps in to save the day, with Planet 9, Vegan fine wine.  The Grammy award-winning singer has turned connoisseur.  For years she has promoted a vegan lifestyle, and creditS veganism with combatting depression, anxiety, stress, and weight gain.  

After watching many friends and family members endure ailments such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure Mya chose to make the switch.  Weary of the processed sugars, chemicals, and absorbing the torture of so many animals, the transition to veganism made sense to Mya. 

You can download Mya’s Vegan Transition  Guide here.  It’s a good read whether you are interested in transitioning to veganism, learning what vegan’s eat, or learning more about Mya’s lifestyle.  

What better way to encourage veganism than to create a vegan wine?  Mya has partnered with Frey Vineyards in California to offer you a Red Cabernet Sauvignon with Plum Infusions.  It is called Planet 9 Fine Wine.    

Mya first released her vegan and organic wine in 2016 when she was at the forefront of PETA’s Go Vegan campaign.  The wine bears the same name as her label, “Planet 9.”   

If you look at her today, it does not look like she has aged a minute.   Maybe it has something to do with her diet?  Or her avoidance of anxiety, stress, depression, and weight gain.  Mya is not satisfied with being an internationally known and respected singer, songwriter, producer, musician, dancer, actress, and philanthropist.  She wants to change the way people eat also.

Mya wants you to download her Vegan Transition Guide, turn on “Smoove Jones”, and grab a glass.  Pour a glass of “Planet 9” vegan and organic fine wine.   Visit her website to purchase a bottle.  Who knows maybe veganism is for you? 

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