P.R.E.A.M (Pizza Rules Everything Around Me) HBCU Grads Expand Pizza Chain in South

P.R.E.A.M (Pizza Rules Everything Around Me) HBCU Grads Expand Pizza Chain in South

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by James Swift 

When you think pizza, you might think the big chains or cities like New York, Chicago, or Detroit. Yeah, Detroit where a few chains were formed. You might not think “Man, Nashville has some great pizza.” No, Nashville is ribs and chicken but now you can add pizza to that thanks to Slim & Husky’s PizzaBeeria.

Pizza Rules Everything Around Me: P.R.E.A.M

That’s right, founded in 2017 by three Tennessee State University graduates—Clint Gray, Derrick Moore, and E.J. Reed—Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria has been supplying the capital city with pies and beers with the slogan “Pizza Rules Everything Around Me.” P.R.E.A.M. It mixes the fast food approach of pizza with some original ideas while keeping everything local. That means, you’re not going to be pulling your food out of a warming station or getting cookie cutter pizzas.

Honestly, this is the best way to serve pizza up. I mean, sometimes you just need something fast and now and the chain restaurants will do when you don’t have time to wait but nothing beats a local or regional pizza place.

On the menu, you’re looking at several custom pizzas such as the Got 5 On It with a mix of cheeses, the vegan-friendly Nothin But A “V” Thang, and what is sure to be my favorite: Rony, Roni, Rone. That one has several kinds of pepperoni. Several. You can also make your own pizza or select from five kinds of cinnamon rolls.

To top all of that off, they have fair, competitive prices so it’s not pizza that will break your wallet.

Southern Takeover

During the Urban League of Greater Chattanooga’s Entrepreneur Power Luncheon, the trio stated that they had plans to open another location in the city around this time next year. At the moment, they’re getting ready to look into locations in Chattanooga for the next store.

Now, while that’s great for area residents, the big news is that Slim & Husky’s is expanding beyond Tennessee. Apparently, they’ve done so well in Nashville, that they have their eyes on expanding the brand and they’re looking at several cities with large Black populations on top of that. Not bad at all for a company that grew from a moving company that they started seven years prior to getting into the pizza game.

After moving reeled in a lot of revenue, they had the freedom to open a restaurant and now that is a success. In the same way they grew The Green Truck Moving & Storage Company, they’re growing Slim & Husky’s. Their first city outside of Nashville was Atlanta, an obvious pick. Now they’re looking at Austin, Birmingham, and Louisville. They haven’t forgotten their home state with another obvious pick being Memphis—all in 2020.

This means there will be more dining options for customers in the Black community and beyond as well as more job opportunities. Should Slim & Husky’s take off like it did in Nashville, we could see multiple stores in these cities in the coming years.

You can follow Slim & Husky’s on Twitter and Instagram or drop by one of their two locations in Nashville, in Antioch, or two locations in Atlanta.

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