Shaq’s New Spot Brings Taste of South to LA

Shaq’s New Spot Brings Taste of South to LA

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Between commercials for relief cream and auto insurance and being a beloved TV sports analyst, former NBA champion, Olympic gold medalist, and hall of famer Shaquille O’Neal stays busy. With that list of accomplishments—and others not mentioned—it makes you think “What else will Shaq do?” Earlier this year, Shaq opened Shaquille’s in Los Angeles, an establishment that brings Southern food to the west coast with an approach that is as big and bold as the man himself.

This Is Nothing New For Shaq

So, why enter the restaurant business? It’s not unusual for retired athletes or celebrities in general to dive into the restaurant business. Also, this isn’t Shaquille O’Neal’s first dive into the industry with October marking the opening of Big Chicken in Las Vegas.

As expected, it delivers on everything of the yard bird-persuasion as well as local beers and a more roadhouse environment while having a touch of Las Vegas with a gaming section. What stands out me is the perfectly named Shaq-aroni and Cheese. This alone deserves a chef kiss of approval.

Shaquille’s takes the same approach only with a modern, upscale approach that screams both “LA” and “Shaq.” Also, chicken isn’t the primary focus here but twists on Southern cuisine in general and the addition of cocktails.

Here, you’ll get chicken, a variety of ribs, two burgers and some interesting sides and the Shaq and Kobe burgers. Those names aren’t up there with Shaq-aroni and Cheese but they look beyond delicious. Just check out what they offer for lunchand dinner.

When speaking with Us about opening a second restaurant, Shaq noted that it was “a man’s job to protect and provide.” He went into how his career in basketball translates to being a restauranteur before admitting that he couldn’t cook but that someone had to do it. While we don’t expect to see Shaq in the back moving BBQ racks, Shaquille’s is sure to feed those wanting Southern dining with some high class appeal.

If you’re in the area, you reserve a table at Shaquille’s on 800 W. Olympic Blvd, Suite A150. It’s open Sunday to Thursday from 11:30AM to 10PM and on Friday and Saturday from 11:30AM to 11PM.


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