Tabitha Brown to Spice up Target Shelves with Vegan Collection in 2024

Tabitha Brown to Spice up Target Shelves with Vegan Collection in 2024

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In the realm of vegan cuisine, Tabitha Brown has redefined success, mirroring her unique blend of wit, wisdom, and warm charm. An influential presence, Brown’s vegan product line became a sensation after its debut in Target earlier this year, selling out in mere days, much to the chagrin of fervent fans desiring a taste of her 'like so, like that' flavors.

Our collective wishes were answered recently, as Brown took the stage during a panel discussion, shedding light on the return of her vegan collection to Target stores by early 2024. The charismatic 'Tab Time' host was overwhelmed with gratitude, "Thank you for supporting me at Target," she said, promising her fans an all-year availability of the vegan delights, including her viral popcorn in three flavors: dill pickle, sweet & salty, and roasted garlic & Parmesan. Her assortment also includes BBQ and seasoned plant-based hamburger patties, an array of nuts and granola, vegan sausages, spreads, and dips.

An ever-growing fan base supports Brown's creative offerings at every turn. With each new drop at Target, they fervently bought her colorful clothing items, inspiring housewares, items for companion animals, and much more. But it was the vegan food line, a kaleidoscope of seasoned meatless burgers, prepared meals, and flavor-packed popcorn, which truly stirred the frenzy. And now, thanks to Brown's announcement, we can once again look forward to the delights of her vegan culinary creativity.

Brown's rise to the top began in 2018, when her switch to a vegan lifestyle helped her overcome significant health issues. Her video featuring a vegan TTLA sandwich quickly went viral, paving the way for a flourishing social media presence. With cookbooks, a haircare line, brand partnerships, and more, Brown continues to reach new heights, expressing her authentic self through her work.

"I hope my collections bring Target guests joy, love, and optimism to their everyday lives,” Brown says. And with her triumphant return, she is set to do just that.

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