The Nappy Roots Brew Hip “Hops” And Beer

The Nappy Roots Brew Hip “Hops” And Beer

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by James Swift

It’s no secret that the Louisville/Atlanta-based Nappy Roots loves beer. In 2017, members of the group discussed getting into brewing and in 2018 they got with Arches Brewing and released Kentucky Mud. Yes, it was named after that one track of Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz from 2002. Honestly, there were several titles on that album that could’ve been names for brew. Some of my picks include “Ho Down,” “Awnaw,” “Slums,” and “Headz Up.” Then again, I’m not involved in marketing or brewing so there’s that.

Starting Off With Kentucky Mud

Released for one day only for eight hours only, Kentucky Mud was a milk stout available only at Arches Brewing. It’s one of those “If you missed it, you missed it” things. At least that was the case until they opened Atlantucky, their craft brewing base in Atlanta.

Kentucky Mud rolled in with a 6.6% ABV and a nitro chocolate milk taste. Bolstering the flavor are cocoa nibs and vanilla beans soaked in bourbon. It actually sounds like a snack or dessert but in a can, glass or mug. It was so well received that now, it’s one of the Nappy Roots’ main stouts, the other being The Humdinger, an Imperial Rye Stout. And yes, that’s from their 2008 release of the same name.


Nappy Roots’ Other Brewing Projects

In August of last year, the group were on hand for the opening of Monday Night Brewing’s second location, The Garage, in southwest Atlanta. Their offering to the festivities were music and the Front Porch Pale Ale which clocks in at 5% ABV. Since then, the Nappy Roots have teamed up with other microbreweries in Atlanta as well as one at their old stomping grounds at Western Kentucky University.

Now, the group is mixing their love of music with their love of brewing including regular stops to Colorado, something they’ve done for the past nine years. Needless to say, this has opened their music up to a larger fan base and has also helped keep them relevant as their original fan base aged and a younger fan base has grown. With that comes a changing of what’s current. Staying relevant is extremely important as Ron Clutch elaborated in an interview with

Currently, Nappy Roots are in the midst of their Great American Beer Run Tour with the west coast and midwest being the major stops until July 31, when they hit Shawnee, KY. Currently, Atlantucky brews are available in Atlanta, Cincinatti and throughout Kentucky. Check out their brewery’s site and follow them on Instagram for updates.

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